Leveraging our diverse portfolio of leading brands to provide best in class solutions for your facility needs.

Providing sales growth and increased market share for our partners

Unlike our competition, we strive to keep our portfolio condensed and focused. This strategy has helped us attract the leading brands in our industry and proved to be one of the main reasons that our manufacturing partners dominate market share in our service area. Leading brands deserve leading representation. Together, we maximize growth and enjoy more market share.

Offering comprehensive market management and sales training for distributor sales representatives

The close relationships that we have with each of the key distributors in both our metropolitan and rural markets provide our manufacturers with instant access to distribution. We service all sizes and types of distributors, from national and regional organizations to local family run companies. We help the distributor thrive by providing the best product training in the industry and generating new sales opportunities at the end-user level.

Increasing demand at the end user level

Each of our rep associates spends over half of their time in the field working with and without DSRs to better understand the end-user customer and how products actually get used. This market intimacy helps us build demand for our products and provides our channel partners with key intelligence about market trends and competitive threats. Ultimately, our time in the field turns DSR training and focused end user work into repetitive consumer demand.

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Successfully representing the nation's leading manufacturers over 30 years.